solstice sea
lush calm black
can take it all
frigid current, soft and cruel
one less fool
forget forget forget


I have no use for the clear blue sky

No hope in the noonday sky. No truth in its cryptic eye.
No use for this present state; the empty arc reveals no fate.
Lowering clouds, the frozen wind
Foretell it will end, and begin.
I am.
I was.
I will be.

The clear blue sky is silent to me.


negative space

Contours form in the emptiness near,
Incomplete; all boundaries, not object, not air
negative space is not real; but what relates
No depth, no detail, no substance, no place
Blank reaction, edges drawn by events
It’s the part in between

Chain Reaction

Mutually held in the spiral dance,
Chain reaction, there was never a chance.
Fusion quick mind, glacier slow heart
Our end was known from the start

The super nova is all for show
Implosion is the only way to go
Red hot surface, reserved at the core
When the reaction is over, we will shine no more

It happened so fast, this primal shift,
at the speed of continental drift
Now the cinder moves quietly through the ink
It was over in a cosmic blink

For Me and the Sun