eternally broken hearted wallflower


Eternal wallflower doofus. I pour my heart out, it’s uncool. Heart on a sleeve. I am a novice poet, I write, I learn. After going through the typical twin failures of marriage and a disappointing career, I began to experiment with verse. Poetry satisfied the artistic and emotional gaps I had struggled with. The challenge to represent this experience (and let’s face it; revenge fantasies) kept me motivated and engaged with the outside world.  Stripped bare and dumbfounded, I squelched out a bunch of silly, silly poems. Research, a bit of naïve bravery and the helpful critiques of my friend Cathi led me to find a new voice. The baseline: it makes me happy, I enjoy the process. Posted here are my first efforts at poetry up to the present day. I penned a few articles and poems for the “Gypsy Curse” a zine founded in New Haven, Connecticut by Melissa Daily McCormack sometime at the beginning of the 00’s. I chose the posts from my Nom de plume, Prudence Duchamp, these are actually pretty funny IMHO. A few of these poems originally appeared in Primal Threads a multimedia collaborative effort with artist Cathi Bosco. Creating this blog forces me to closely look at what I’ve put on the page. Emo crap? Probably. Someday (I hope), someone will read, get what I’m saying, and connect. Someday, maybe I’ll get it. Please check out my work, scroll down the page, or look just to the left menu for haiku, Gypsy Curse and other stuff. Feedback is important to me! Improvement is impossible without it. Share your thoughts so I may endlessly analyze the crap out of them! (The only image not made by me is the portrait below. Adrian Waggoner painted this at Lyme Academy of Art, July 2007.)



this is normal