it’s a common thing

Evolving, unseen and unknown.
A tiny sphere, like Carl’s pale blue dot, is changing.
It’s a common thing, happens every day.
Tectonic pressures and volcanic eruption,
Create liquids, gasses, atmospheres and oceans.
Then, finally, self replicating chemical reactions.
With time and some chance, molecule and aether fuse.

Into life.

Formed from mud, formed from stars
Senseless, and mute
Creatures emerge from a dark, seething pond.

The first ones.

UV seared retinas, scorched air burned lungs.
Awareness, shocked into self, bursting from fear.
Awed by existence, their very physical presence,
XX and XY become!
So very alike, they are two, not one!

XX absorbed sensation, reality and beyond!
The swirling gasses, particulates and planetoid masses!
It perceived possibility in the pulsing proximity of XY!
In its heart, a vision grew, the future expanded, it began to make plans.

XY observed and analyzed while XX dreamed.
And was aware of exactly three things.
It was hungry.
Scheming dreaming XX made its feet itchy.
Ten minutes away, was a different, NEWER pond.

Focused, decisive, XY took action.

Rolling over, it spoke to its shining new mate,
Hey, hope you don’t mind, but I gotta skate…

But wait! Don’t feel sad for little XX – it looked back to the stars, the moon and the sky!
The future is now! So much to be done!
XX could get busy, with the other now gone.
It still had hopes, and dreams and joy.
She would not hold back for some STUPID BOY!



Chain Reaction

Mutually held in the spiral dance,
Chain reaction, there was never a chance.
Fusion quick mind, glacier slow heart
Our end was known from the start

The super nova is all for show
Implosion is the only way to go
Red hot surface, reserved at the core
When the reaction is over, we will shine no more

It happened so fast, this primal shift,
at the speed of continental drift
Now the cinder moves quietly through the ink
It was over in a cosmic blink

For Me and the Sun


Essentially.  Me.

Daughter. Friend. Wife.
All I can be. The end of life.
Pretense crumbles: I prepare to take flight
Swirl away, fly today, wisp of light-
As the layers give, with moments to live
You are the last I will let go